Monday, July 18, 2011

Basketball Season 2010-2011

Kamri has the joy of being a coach's daughter like I do being the coach's wife... so we make the best of life!  She is her daddy's number one fan! Isn't the jersey amazing!

Family pics and Kamri 1 year Portraits

Family Pictures and 1 year Portraits taken by Alex Perry.  She did an amazing job and I love them!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kamri's First Birthday!

Kamri turned the big ONE on October 29. She has really shown her personality as of late and boy its a good one.  She is always blabbing to herself and finds herself very funny.  She loves to play and plays about 90 miles an hour all day everyday.  She sure does have a temper though and let's you know exactly when you are not doing what she wants you to do.  At 1 year she weighed 18 lbs 6 oz... 10%! Woohoo my bug is finally on the charts.  She started walking just a few days after she turned one and has not looked back since.  I love seeing her walk and its hard to believe just 1 year ago she was in casts then braces.  We love our little girl and she is definitely the joy of our lives.

 Eating cake at Grandpa and Grandma Brisko's house. 

 Opening presents!

 She knew exactly what to do with this horse before it was out of the box.  Grandpa would be so proud! :)

 Ta Da!  Riding her horse "Buster".  Her Daddy named the horse after she busted her butt many times trying to get on while it was rolling away.  Buster is better trained now.

 Kam LOVES to swim so we took her swimming for her birthday.  She went down the big slide with Dad and ooohed and awwwed the whole way with a few giggles in between. 

 She also likes the little slide and going down by herself.  Look at the face... having the time of her life.

We had some friends join us in the party.  This is Kamri and Bode who is just 3 months younger. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trip to the Academy

The first weekend in October we took a trip to see my brother Matt and family in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy where Matt is teaching. It was one quick trip since Brian was still in high school football season, but well worth it. We left Friday night after a football and drove as far as Cheyenne, woke up the next day and finished the drive. We needed to get there in time for the football game at noon. Air Force vs Navy. AND one of the biggest reasons for the trip besides football which is what my life revolves around in the fall is my newest nephew William Robert was born just a few weeks before. Hooray! He is adorble in every way and I couldn't be happier for Matt and Heather. Matt is being deployed here soon so it was also a trip to make sure I got a hug in case they didn't make it for the holidays. Love you guys.

Matt, Kamri, and I waiting and waiting for the big game to start.

Brian, Matt and Kamri

One of the cutest little boys ever. William Robert or little Will. Check out that hair I think he already has as much as Kamri!

The new daddy Matt with Will and Kamri

Love being an aunt. Kamri sure wanted to get a hold of Will. Finally it was someone smaller than her.

Playing at the park by Matt and Heather's house

Uncle Matt is the best!

Kamri loves to swing! Its hard to tell.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rodeo and Horseshows with Grandpa

Blast into the past for a few posts while I catch up. At the end of our summer vacation we hit up the good ole Lincoln County Fair in Star Valley with my family. Kamri sure did have fun looking at all the lights at the carnival and all the crazy people. One of my many childhood memories is attending the Fair and I had so much fun sharing it with Kamri. My mom hasn't ever been a big fan of rodeos so from when I was little I was my Daddy's date to the rodeos.... I LOVED it! I'm a daddy's girl and had so much fun adding Kamri to the mix. Its official she is my daughter.... she LOVES rodeos. She would stand and clap and would get super excited if a bucking horse or bull happen to be closer to us.

With Grandpa (the real cowboy). Have you seen a bigger grin on a kid's face.

Just Kamri and I. Brian loves this picture because you can see both our wrinkled noses and dimples. Yes we are mother and daughter. Brian was the photographer so he did attend.

The next day after the rodeo my dad showed his reining horses. Kamri got to go and cheer on Grandpa. She even got to ride while he was between shows... she was in heaven. Grandpa had fun showing her off. He was riding in the warm up arena and took Kamri past all the younger girls showing and told them, "This is the future rodeo queen of 2028" ha ha too funny. They thought that was the cutest thing seeing my dad riding with little Kamri.

Loving life!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More House Pictures... INSIDE!!

Drumroll please.......YES it's true I FINALLY posted pictures of the inside of my house. So by popular demand I will give you a somewhat tour through part of the house which I have painted and somewhat decorated. My next project is my bedroom which is nearly finished so you will have to wait to see the final result. AND let me tell you that I never knew paint colors could be SO hard to choose. I have one patient hubby because my living has been completely painted 1....2....yes 3 times people with a few colors slabs in between. 5 colors and many sleepless nights thinking about colors I finally have my living room the color I love. I first thought tan....nope at night it was too gold. (yuck) so then I went in the grey family.... too light, and blueish tint. (yuck!) Mind you after I painted the WHOLE thing I figured this out. Finally I went to a green family and found my color. WHEW!! I have had my bright orange wall for months... that was not changing!!! Love me some orange.

As you walk in my front door. The living room to the right and stairs to our basement to the left (not pictured). I know.... need more on my walls. Working on it people!

View from by the TV back to the front door. The half wall has the stairs (or soon will have the stairs).

View back to the front door from the dining room table.

View of my kitchen and hallway in the back to bedrooms and Utility room.

Ta Da!! My kitchen with what seems like right now endless cupboard space. I need to go shopping to fill it..... yes yes I do!!

View from my Kitchen to the dining room and living room. You're being shocked by the orange wall right now huh?! LOVE it!
Kamri's room... (still under construction) Need more pink dots and going to paint her dresser bubble gum pink. I have also had her room painted for months. Love the bright green and the bubble gum pink ceiling. Brian thought I was losing at first when I he likes it (or so he says)

Her name will soon be above her crib in Pink cursive for now just visualize. (She was actually sleeping in the crib when I took these pictures) Too funny!
There people now you can lay off the "nagging" for awhile!! I'll post more once I finish my projects!

Half Marathon!

As hard as it is to believe I ran a half marathon this summer. My good friend in Pinedale talked me into doing and after 12 weeks of training... blah (the worst part by far) I ran the Provo Canyon 1/2 in August. The friend who talked me into was not able to do it with me because of a n emergency so my other friend and I decided to tackle it anyway. It is definitely something that I will do again to try and beat my time. Next time Tamara you HAVE to be there! I enjoyed the competitive race atmosphere and the challenge. Who knew I could be a runner... will wonders never cease!

My baby girl was there to cheer me on at the finish line.

Sarah, Kristi, and I after the race.

Showing off our race numbers! We are so official looking